Geeks-greens-and-guns 3 s

Geeks, Greens, and Guns…

The cows were just the beginning…

Jimmy “Shoes” Choo was just an average enforcer for Tony, one of the mob bosses in Las Vegas.  That is, until he was sent to collect a debt a little too close to Area 51.  One strange night turns into the wildest adventure of his life.  Geeks, Greens, and Guns… oh my.



The Apocalypse Gazette

The Apocalypse Gazette How does the world end?  Plague, calamity, aliens, solar flares?  Maybe a combination of all of the above?

One morning Wally Mason woke up to find he was the last surviving person in his small town, maybe the last an on Earth.  There’s plenty of food and water, he doesn’t lack for anything except entertainment and company.  No social media, no TV, no internet, no Twitter.  After a few months with only the company of his cat, Spalding, Wally might just be going crazy.  But just because he can’t blog or tweet anymore doesn’t mean he can’t write.  In fact, why not document his apocalypse experience in style?  Why not write the one and only Apocalypse Gazette?

Posts and Shorts:

Two Miles to Humility

Write Club Fight CLub –

Bout 1 – Mr. Jingles (Won)

Bout 2 – Dreams and Reality (Lost)

Bout 3 – Closing Time (Lost)

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