I’ve been doing artwork for as long as I can remember but never really considered doing it semi-professionally until recently.  As I was writing stories I needed something as a working cover, so I’d whip out something that amused me.  It started off as just something to hold a place but I had so much fun that I kept going.  I got better and better, still having a blast, and decided to offer up my services to others.

If you’re looking for specific prices, don’t bother searching.  Every project has it’s own complications, time, energy, difficulty, etc.  I don’t do templates, every work is entirely original and designed for a specific purpose.  Contact me with a basic description of the project and I’ll provide you with an accurate estimate.

Turn around time also depends on the complexity of the project but the time frame should be less than a week for a single project.

For more examples, check out the portfolio page.  For questions or further information please contact me.


Covers ($100-$300)



Illustration (price and time depends on the number and complexity)



Developmental Editing (depends on the length of the project)

Over the years of writing, and working with various writing groups, I’ve found that I have a talent for developmental editing.  I’m very good at spotting issues with a manuscript, everything from plot holes to poor character arcs to stylistic issues.  Most people pass their manuscript through friends, family and hopefully some beta-readers.  The difference between that and what I do is that I provide very detailed feedback on the specific issues, the causes, and possible fixes.

Depending on the size of your manuscript, turn around time should be less than a week.