All descriptions and artwork are my works and are protected, do not use without permission.

Front Cover 1.2


Sadie’s Adventures (working title) – This is the series I’m writing for my daughter.  It’s about a young girl who’s whisked off to another part of the Universe and her adventures.  She meets all kinds of strange aliens, an evil robot genius who wants to take over the Universe, and gets involved in a myriad of strange series’ of events.




larry's dead cover draft

Larry’s Dead – This started when I tried to figure out what type of character would make the strangest vampire.  I decided that a redneck would be about as far from a “typical” vampire as possible and the story just rolled from there.  It’s a ton of fun to write so hopefully it’s a ton of fun to read.





cover draft 2s

Summerton Blues – Project for 2014 NaNoWriMo.  A small town sheriff is faced with two sets of murders.  One set appears to be wild animal attacks, the others almost professional hits but the bullets being pulled out of the bodies are coated in silver.  That last fact might confuse other Sheriffs but Alex Lawton has been a werewolf for over three years.  Now he has to find the killers before the full moon and time is running out.




cover draft 2.2.1 s

Wendell Oliver Holmes vs. The Monsters – A longish short story written for my daughter for Halloween.  It’s about the misadventures of Wendell Oliver Holmes on his first night trick-or-treating without his parents tagging along.  Candy, bullies, ghosts, monsters, oh my!


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