I’m back, kinda

I’m sure you’ve noticed, being such rabid fans of mine, that I haven’t posted since… a long time ago.  Months, probably.  I could make excuses, the holidays and various trips, but the biggest thing is that I needed some time off.

This is something I highly suggest to other writers, take a break every once and a while.  It goes against the common advice to “write every day, no matter what”, but I find that taking off a week here and there allows me to maintain my enthusiasm.  It isn’t work, it’s exciting.  And that’s an important part of keeping this fun and interesting to me.

So, throughout the holidays and trips I took a break from writing and blogging and social media.  I focused on the stuff in my real life that’s important.  It was awesome and totally worth it.

And now I’m back, nose to the grind stone again.  I’ve got a couple projects that are pretty exciting and I can’t wait to share them.


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