NaNo – Half way done

Honestly, I thought I would go over 25,000 words last weekend or earlier this week at the latest but that didn’t happen.  As usual, life gets in the way and complicates everything.  I could have been over the 25k mark days ago but didn’t manage it until today.

That said, I have some optimism for this project.  Summerton Blues has been going really smoothly and I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far.  There have been several times it’s surprised me, amused me, and moved me in unexpected ways.  Whether or not it ever reaches readers, it’s been a fun, educational experience so far.

In many ways, NaNo was designed for writers like me.  I have no doubt I can finish the goal in the allotted time, I’ve done more in less, but that’s not to say it’s easy.  I write really fast, I’m a pantser, I hate editing, so simply cranking out the words is pretty easy for me.  Now, whether it will be worth reading afterwards is debatable but the specific challenge isn’t all that difficult for me.  My personal challenge is writing something that is interesting for me to write, for someone to read, and completing the project on schedule.

Right now, I would be surprised if my “novel” was finished at 50,000 words.  More likely, it’ll be 60-70K for the first draft and then need a lot of work still afterwards (which is my personal goal, completing the first draft in november whatever the word count).  But first things first, passing the half way mark is no insignificant thing.  I’m happy, I’m having fun, hopefully all the other NaNo writers out there are too.

Good writing to all!