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I’ve been needing to upgrade my site for quite a while now but have finally gotten around to it.  And it’s already kicking my proverbial butt, in case you couldn’t tell from the state of the header.  Sigh.

So, for the next few days (at least) this site is going to be under construction.  Wish me luck.

I’m back, kinda

I’m sure you’ve noticed, being such rabid fans of mine, that I haven’t posted since… a long time ago.  Months, probably.  I could make excuses, the holidays and various trips, but the biggest thing is that I needed some time off.

This is something I highly suggest to other writers, take a break every once and a while.  It goes against the common advice to “write every day, no matter what”, but I find that taking off a week here and there allows me to maintain my enthusiasm.  It isn’t work, it’s exciting.  And that’s an important part of keeping this fun and interesting to me.

So, throughout the holidays and trips I took a break from writing and blogging and social media.  I focused on the stuff in my real life that’s important.  It was awesome and totally worth it.

And now I’m back, nose to the grind stone again.  I’ve got a couple projects that are pretty exciting and I can’t wait to share them.

November and December

I’m sure you were all wondering what happened to me over the last six weeks or so (not really), I haven’t posted in that long, but I’m still alive.  I’ve just been intensely, insanely busy.


Was NaNo!!  I ‘won’ for the fourth time straight (if you count Camp NaNo) and had a great time doing it.  I missed almost a week due to work stuff but managed to catch up before the deadline, writing almost 9k on the last day to finish.

Like last November, my story went a little off the rails from where I imagined it would.  I’m a devoted pantser but this story surprised me when it went from a light-hearted, silly concept into a fairly serious adventure story with a bit of a dark theme.  It’s good though, probably one of the best stories I’ve written.

*Side note: I didn’t post this story to Wattpad as I did the last three NaNos as it was being written.  Wattpad is a cool site but to really get the benefits you need to be really active on it.  I’m not, so I closed my account.  Rather than focusing on social media, writing sites, or blogs, I’m focusing on getting my stories finished and (hopefully) published soon.

After finishing up my 50K, the next week was a crazy one for work… Then the next week my sister came down for a visit.  I have this week as somewhat normal but then next week I’m going on a trip for the holidays.

As you might imagine, the schedule hasn’t left much time for blogging and won’t until 2016.

When I get back I’ve got two drafts that I need to finish, then I’ll be looking for a good editor to get the ball rolling on publishing.  I’ve also got the comic series that I was working on in October that has been a lot of fun and I want to turn into a regular on the blog.

Updates might not be coming fast for the next couple weeks but hopefully they’ll be worth the wait.

Quick update

As anticipated, I’ve been intensely busy this month between work, projects, and of course Camp NaNo.  The writing has been going well though my schedule has left me somewhat behind where I’d like to be this month.  It’s alright though, there’s still time to get caught up.  Hopefully.

Part of my decision to post the story to Wattpad as it was being written was as an experiment but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it appeals to me.  NaNo is fun because it gets everyone writing, there’s a sense of community… but no one shares their work, their fellow campers or group members rarely get to actually read it.  In a way that’s cool, the whole system is arranged to celebrate the process of writing itself, not the story, which is fine.  But to me, I want to see that next level reached.  We encourage each other, push ourselves to reach the word counts and write everyday, AND we can share what we’re writing.  That’s the only short fall of NaNo as I see it, we celebrate the process of writing but not the results of it.  That’s why combining it with Wattpad appeals to me.

Anyway, you can check out the story I’ve been writing for camp if you’re interested, and even if you aren’t maybe think about how you can share your writing too.

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