I’ve got almost a dozen different books in the works but these should be getting published sometime this year.  Hopefully.  The editing process is a doozy.  Stay tuned for further updates.


The Apocalypse Gazette:

When aliensThe Apocalypse Gazette invade and the world effectively comes to an end, Wally Mason was playing computer games online.  Before he has a chance to level up his wizard he finds himself alone in his small, Texas town.  Maybe the last man on Earth.  With his cat, Spalding, as he only companion Wally’s “boring” existence soon spirals into realms of ridiculousness his online characters never reached.  To keep from going insane, or maybe because of it, Wally realizes The Apocalypse is missing a key ingredient… someone to tell the story.  And thus was born The Apocalypse Gazette… The only question left is which are crazier, the imaginary stories or the real ones?

Publication: Anticipated, Summer 2017

(This was a very early draft for a cover idea which has since been scrapped.  I’m still deciding which direction to go with the cover which is why I don’t have a nicer, more recent image for you.)

Still Life, With Zombie:

sample_2For Earl the world didn’t end with a bang or a whimper but with a missed checkers game.  The retired widower had no idea that the zombie apocalypse had passed by his quiet, rural home until he ventured out to find his missing checkers partner.  By then, it’s too late.

What’s an old man to do at the end of the world?  Pick up his paints, work his garden, and maybe make an undead friend or two.

**I love this story.  It’s a pretty unique take on the over-done zombie genre that actually started out as a joke between friends.

First draft is done and it’s currently undergoing a thorough editing.  Depending on whether I decide to illustrate it the story should be published sometime in the fall.