What’s in a genre?

I’ve been doing a lot of rewrites and adding sections to The Apocalypse Gazette.  While it was first started as kind of a silly, fluff story it’s quickly become one of my favorites.  It’s still silly but it’s also got a fun voice and personality.

However, there are a couple problems that have been bugging me about what to do with it.  I mean, it would be a really fun project to self publish, and that’s the goal, but there are some… logistical issues that are tripping me up the more I think about it.

First, there isn’t really a plot.  It’s basically a story about a guy all by himself in a town after the apocalypse going crazy.  He has a few minor problems that he has to figure out, the biggest being boredom, but there’s no bad guys, there’s no epic adventure.  I mean, it’s all playing off the fact that he’s losing it, a lot of the things that happen aren’t easily distinguishable between reality and his fantasies.  Personally, I’m fine with all that because it’s still a really fun story, I don’t feel like anything is missing, but how does one sell a story about a guy slowly going crazy and everything getting weirder and weirder?

Second, and this is arguably the bigger issue, what genre does The Apocalypse Gazette fall into?  Ok, fiction, obviously, but beyond that I’m not too sure.  Humor is probably the closest fit but at the same time that’s a broad category.  It’s not romance, fantasy, mystery, horror, science fiction, inspirational, or thriller.  It’s… dystopian… apocalyptic… humor?

Well, I suppose if Dystopian-Apocalyptic-Humor is a category on any of the main sites at least my story wouldn’t have much competition.

And, at least I have some time before I have to sort all that out, there’s still plenty of work to be done before I get to publishing.

If any of you have suggestions I would really like to hear them.

4 thoughts on “What’s in a genre?”

  1. Dystopian-Apocalyptic-Humor is a great category. You can collect readers in all three! The story concept sounds like one I’d enjoy. I love the toying with madness and the blurring of reality.

    1. It was a lot of fun to write. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it, the story needs a big rewrite before it even goes to editing, but the rough draft is up on Wattpad if you want to check it out. Madness and blurring of reality certainly make for interesting stories.

        1. Yeah, I don’t do the ‘social’ aspect of Wattpad, I just use it as a place to put up some work for free (and maybe get some feedback). There are Wattpad apps, so people can read on smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. So, it’s easier sometimes than putting up a pdf or file somewhere else.

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