Quick update

As anticipated, I’ve been intensely busy this month between work, projects, and of course Camp NaNo.  The writing has been going well though my schedule has left me somewhat behind where I’d like to be this month.  It’s alright though, there’s still time to get caught up.  Hopefully.

Part of my decision to post the story to Wattpad as it was being written was as an experiment but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it appeals to me.  NaNo is fun because it gets everyone writing, there’s a sense of community… but no one shares their work, their fellow campers or group members rarely get to actually read it.  In a way that’s cool, the whole system is arranged to celebrate the process of writing itself, not the story, which is fine.  But to me, I want to see that next level reached.  We encourage each other, push ourselves to reach the word counts and write everyday, AND we can share what we’re writing.  That’s the only short fall of NaNo as I see it, we celebrate the process of writing but not the results of it.  That’s why combining it with Wattpad appeals to me.

Anyway, you can check out the story I’ve been writing for camp if you’re interested, and even if you aren’t maybe think about how you can share your writing too.

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Geeks, Greens, and Guns…