A Fun Little Experience

Some of you might remember I participated in NaNoWriMo last November.  Within the month I finished a first draft of Summerton Blues.  Some of you might also remember that as soon as it was done I put it away and started my next project.  That was advice put out by Stephen King’s that has been really valuable.  When you come back to it later it’s easier to spot the issues.

Well, in my excitement over Camp NaNo next month I decided to read Summerton Blues.  I haven’t looked at it in almost six months and figured it would probably be awful.  During NaNo I never did any revisions and I hadn’t touched it since.

cover draft 2s

What I read surprised me greatly.  I got caught up in the story and finished it in a single sitting.  At the end I got tingles.  It was actually pretty good.

Does it need work?  Definitely.  Does it need a good editor?  Definitely.  But I kind of surprised myself, it’s a solid story.  With some effort I think it’ll be a good novel.

What a great way to get pumped up for Camp NaNo.



5 thoughts on “A Fun Little Experience”

  1. I agree with Stephen Kings idea that we can’t spit our own errors but I’d rather have another set of eyes on my story immediately. I don’t know how you had the patience to set your story aside for 6 months. I’m always too eager to give birth to the book I’ve been working on.

    1. It helps a lot that I have writer ADHD. I have so many more ideas for stories than I have time, so I’m usually eager to move on to the next. I’m also in what I consider a learning phase, where I’m more concerned with learning by writing than I am with publishing. I figure the longer I wait to publish the better that first book will be. 🙂

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