Trying out this Wattpad thing

When I first started this blog I was looking for ways to network with other writers.  One of the sites that was recommended to me was Wattpad.  I checked it out but the possibilities of the site didn’t immediately occur to me.  Why publish work for free if you’re trying to make any money being a writer?

A couple months ago I decided to take another look at the site.  This time, I saw things a little differently.

First, it seems like an interesting way to get readers to take a look at your work.  You can post a few short stories, or sample chapters, the first part of a series, whatever you want to try and get your name out there.  The more people who see your work, the more will check out your books, hopefully.  It makes more sense than most social media to me because readers would actually see your work and, if it’s good enough, they’ll be encouraged to visit your blog or buy your books because they have some idea what they’re getting into.

Second, it occurred to me that I had a story that would be perfect for Wattpad.  It was an experimental piece, something I wasn’t sure anyone would have any interest in reading.  The story is only maybe a third of the way done and I wasn’t sure whether to work on it or move on to something I had more confidence in.  That’s where Wattpad comes in.  If I put it up and people like it, then I will invest more time and energy into it.  If people hate it then I haven’t risked much, have I?  I’m letting the readers decide early on rather than investing hundreds of hours into something that they might hate.

So, I’m experimenting.  I put up the first couple chapters, we’ll see how it goes.

If you’re curious, you can check it out.  I posted it under a pen name I’ve been developing for experimentation with these kinds of things.

8 thoughts on “Trying out this Wattpad thing”

    1. Yeah, too bad there’s already a fairly well known author with that name. He writes fantasy/sci-fi though, so it’s not too bad.

        1. I’m not too worried about it at this point. I need to have something finished that I want to publish with the pen name before I worry about it too much. 😉

          1. I use Phoenix Rainez as my pen name which my family and friends voted for and all my draft stories on wattpad. Slowly working through them editing and rewriting for publishing. My debut novel published in December last year was from Wattpad.

    1. I haven’t added anything to the horror story in a while, got tired of writing in first person. It was an experiment a couple ways, didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped but learned a few things.

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